crashes car into a home

‘Anne Heche’

Actress Anne Heche crashed a vehicle into a Mar Vista, California, home, Friday, igniting a fire.

Emergency personnel stated that she was taken to a hospital while being in a severe condition.

Heche, 53, was operating a blue Mini Cooper when she initially collided into a Los Angeles residential building's garage.

Shortly after her first crash, Heche then crashed into a nearby home in Mar Vista and ignited a fire

Heche was taken by EMS to a hospital in Los Angeles after the residence was apparently completely destroyed by fire.

The Los Angeles Fire Department shared a statement saying the vehicle had a single occupant when it rammed

Per TMZ, doctors were unable to run tests to determine if Heche was under the influence

There were no additional reported injuries, and the reason of the collision is being looked into.

The actress most recently appeared in the action movie "13 Minutes" with Thora Birch, Amy Smart, and Will Peltz.

Anne died Friday, one week after she drove her blue Mini Cooper at a high speed down an LA street 

Nancy Heche, mother of actress Anne Heche, has outlived four of her five children.

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