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Anne Heche’s mom, Nancy : A untold Story

Tuesday, 16 August

The late actress Anne Heche's 85-year-old, fervently devout mother is unquestionably a survivor

Nancy Heche has now outlived four of her five children

She also had a covertly gay spouse, Donald, who died of AIDS in 1983.

Before Anne was born, her sister Cynthia, then just 2 months old, died from a heart defect

Anne’s 18-year-old brother Nathan died in a car accident three months after Don Heche’s death

Another sister, Susan Bergman, who wrote her own family memoir called “Anonymity,” died in 2006 from brain cancer

Only one Heche sibling, Abigail, is still living

The Chicago-based Nancy Heche was initially furious when Anne told her in 1997 that she’d fallen in love with Ellen DeGeneres.

Her daughter’s revelations about her relationship with DeGeneres brought up painful memories for Nancy

Nancy said she didn’t know her husband was gay until he lay dying at Bellevue Hospital in 1983

Anne said Nancy did not believe her claims that her father molested her 

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