Derek Jeter opens up about A-Rod rift: 'Not a true friend'

Derek Jeter realised Alex Rodriguez was not a "true friend" following the latter's infamous Esquire interview in 2001.

That's according to Jeter, who discussed the incident in "The Captain," a seven-part docu-series premiering on ESPN on July 18 following the Home Run Derby.

Jeter and A-Rod would become teammates one day, but their story began years before.

When the Yankees played the Mariners in the mid-to-late 1990s, Jeter and A-Rod developed a friendship that was constantly covered in the press and during games.

Eventually, a contrast emerged in which Jeter became a huge star while the Yankees won the World Series four times in five years.

And then there was A-Rod, whose gaudy stats propelled him to receive a 10-year, $252 million contract from the Texas Rangers

Jeter thought that A-Rod was “diminishing” him to justify his own blockbuster contract.

A-Rod, for his part, recognised that this was the end of their close friendship and psychoanalysed himself as to why he may have erred at the time.

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