Emmys 2022 Snubs and Surprises: Selena Gomez and ‘Yellowstone’ Shut Out, Sydney Sweeney Nabs Two Noms

The most significant in 2022 Snubs and surprises at the Emmys range from Selena Gomez being overlooked for her performance in Only Murders in the Building to

Apple TV+ received positive feedback for their new drama Severance, but their stunning international epic Pachinko was excluded.

From Inventing Anna's shocking nominations to This Is Us's shut out final season, here are the seven biggest snubs and surprises from the 2022 Emmy nominations.

No Love for 'Pachinko': Pachinko's omissions aren't entirely surprising, as it was clear that Severance was the Apple TV+ drama that received the most attention

'This is Us' Ain't It: it was kind of shocking to see the show snubbed in several main categories for its sixth and final season

'Yellowjackets' >> 'Yellowstone': Paramount’s monster hit Yellowstone was once again shut out of the Emmys’ drama categories

'Inventing Anna' is...good? Actually? (REALLY?): This is one Emmy surprise I’m personally going to need time to get over…

Sydney Sweeney Gets Her Due (Twice!): Bravo, Sydney Sweeney. You deserve this!

Only the Olds in the Building Get Noms: To ignore Gomez’s work is to ignore how much she gives to her co-stars in this show

Kim Wexler Supremacy: Next step: Making sure Kim doesn’t die in Better Call Saul‘s final season, airing now.