Ivana Trump’s most outspoken moments: ‘Don’t get mad — get everything!’

Ivana was Donald’s first wife — and he was her second husband — and the two married in 1977.

Ivana Trump, ex-wife of Donald Trump, dropped many memorable statements over the years.

Donald got together with Maples while he was still married to Ivana in 1992. The affair had reportedly been going on since 1989

She won’t say ‘Marla Maples’

Ivana turned the real-life messiness she experienced through the divorce into a quick movie role in “The First Wives Club.

Her cameo in ‘The First Wives Club’

In 2015, the Daily Beast published a report saying that she accused him in court documents of raping her during their marriage.

Ivana said Donald didn’t know ‘how to speak the children’s language’

It was Ivana’s idea for Donald to start using Twitter

Ivana claimed she never gained weight — but couldn’t stop Donald from doing it

Like former First Lady Michelle Obama, Ivana was passionate about ending obesity in America — although she claimed to never have worried about that herself.